Introduction Letter & The story of Manning Auctions

Do you have an annual fundraising Gala? How well did you do? Isn’t the entire purpose of your event to raise both awareness and the most money for your non-profit?

For the majority of non-profits, every year, silent auctions do not produce enough dollars for the efforts made; and, at events that attempt live auctions, most of the audience, at the conclusion of the entertainment, tunes out when a volunteer auctioneer, a radio personality or a car/cattle auctioneer attempts to sell live benefit auction items…why? It is boring or not understood…and it’s the same old thing every year…

Our team has blended the best in event planning, production, project management, entertainment, live and silent auction expertise and all the tools you need to create a compelling, giving environment to raise your non-profit the most money. Your donors will be pleased to participate in an entertaining, philanthropic event.

Our founder is Philanthropy Activist, Jeff Manning. He is also one of the leading fundraising auctioneers today. When Jeff Manning takes the mic, you’re bound to buy what he is selling, especially since it’s for a good cause. This professionally-trained, licensed, certified auctioneer is pure showman who blends music, dance, comedy and a charismatic auction chant to engage audiences and send bidder paddles flying into the air. And, with a style all his own, Jeff will soon go from the stage to the screen as “The Auctioneer” in an upcoming major motion picture starring Nicolas Cage.

A resident of Las Vegas, Jeff Manning is sincere, caring, passionate and resourceful. Jeff started calling the auction chant at age 9, and raised $50,000 in a single fundraising event as their only live auctioneer at age 14. A successful businessman, at the age of 35, he took his first company from a fledgling start up to construct and develop millions of dollars in commercial real estate developments in three states in a few short years. Now, he is on a mission.

Jeff grew up in a family stricken by auto-immune diseases, cancer & other illnesses. Combining all of these experiences, today, Jeff Manning’s mission is to help heal people through the art & business of fundraising – one event at time.

We would like to offer you a meeting with him to discuss why organizers of non-profits, celebrity and pro-athlete events book Manning Auctions to turn their events into compelling, giving environments with true auction entertainment; how he is making a difference in the world of non-profits, what drives him to be the best fundraising auctioneer you will ever see. Most importantly, how we can help you!

The team at Manning Auctions is changing the world by supporting non-profit events. We can help you make a difference by providing time, treasure, and talents to raise your charity the most money ever so you can exceed your fundraising goals.

Please check us out at , follow the links to all social media platforms, and let’s set up a time to get together. We have a fundraising event planning calendar and other resources available to you at no cost.

Sincerely & gratefully yours,

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manningIntroduction Letter & The story of Manning Auctions