Manning Auctions Lead Auctioneer on the Silver Screen soon…


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Las Vegas, Nevada, 02/19/2015 — When Jeff Manning takes the mic, you’re bound to buy what he is selling, especially since it’s for a good cause. This professionally-trained and certified auctioneer is pure showman who blends music, dance, comedy and a charismatic auction chant to engage audiences and send paddles flying into the air. With a style all his own, Jeff will soon go from the stage to the screen as “The Auctioneer” in an upcoming major motion picture starring Nicolas Cage.

A 17 year resident of Las Vegas, Jeff Manning is sincere, caring, passionate and resourceful. I would like to offer you an interview with him to discuss why organizers of charity, celebrity and pro-athlete events book Manning Auctions to turn their galas into compelling, giving environments; how he is making a difference in the world of non-profits and what drives him to be the best benefit auctioneer in town. To see him in action click:

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manningManning Auctions Lead Auctioneer on the Silver Screen soon…